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For the second year in a row we have been voted the Best Local Charity by The Bisbee Daily Review and we are looking forward to having another great year in 2017!
You can browse through some press items below. 

2015 - Following the reorganization of the City of Bisbee Animal Shelter, a group of concerned citizens stepped up to help move the facility on to sustained success. 


With fund being in short supply at the City, the Friends of the Bisbee Animal Shelter volunteered to help offset some of the costs.


In just a short period, the organization has made its mark and gained much support from the local community. 


"We do a lot of fundraising." explained board member Kathy Sowden. 'Right now, we're trying to get some artificial turf put in for the dogs, as well as an outdoor cat area. We've already been able to do some smaller stuff, like providing equipment, and now we are looking to do some of the.......


... is a true grassroots effort, headed up by board president Kelly Galligan, co-chef at POCO vegan restaurant. 


The restaurant sells bottled water with the non-profit's label to raise both awareness and funs for the no-kill shelter. 


The group has recently been successful in securing two grants - one to help low income families pay for spaying and neutering, and another to tackle the area's feral cats.


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